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Mr. Rupendra Gupta (The Lemon Box Media, Director) tons of Inspiration for Startups

Meet Mr. Rupendra Gupta (Founder & Director of The Lemon Box Media) born and brought up in Jaipur, Rajasthan who is tons of inspiration of young budding entrepreneurs and Startups.  The Lemon Box Media is an  lifestyle, PR & Business Consultant Agency. Team of The Lemon Box Media understand the need of  individuals and hence…


“KRITIKA AGARWAL CAN ADD MAGIC TO SOCIETY ONE DAY” Platinum Certificate Holder in Darpan’s National Art Competition

Participant Name: Kritika Agarwal DATE OF BIRTH 6 August, 2000 NATIONALITY Indian EDUCATION GRAPHIC ERA HILL UNIVERSITY, DEHRADUN Undergraduate in Bachelor’s in Visual Arts (Third year) EMAIL: agarwalkritika052@gmail.com Great things come your way when you step out of your comfort zone.’ A notable narrative from an ambitious Girl from a beautiful city Bareilly , Kritika…


Funding agencies in India

Tiger Global is a leader in the investment of top dollars and has overtaken the US venture capital firm Sequoia Capital as the top investor in India’s emerging startup and unicorn ecosystem.  Source Texts:     “The US-based investment firm Tiger Global is currently leading when it comes to investing top dollars, overtaking another US-based venture capital…

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Funding for startup

The first step is to identify funding sources. Before you make any inroads into the venture capital world, as well as other funding, you need to demonstrate an understanding of who your ideal investors are and how they will invest your company’s money. These individuals are not just investors; they are considered “partners.” They need…

Startup News
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