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Mr. Rupendra Gupta (The Lemon Box Media, Director) tons of Inspiration for Startups

Meet Mr. Rupendra Gupta (Founder & Director of The Lemon Box Media) born and brought up in Jaipur, Rajasthan who is tons of inspiration of young budding entrepreneurs and Startups. 

The Lemon Box Media is an  lifestyle, PR & Business Consultant Agency. Team of The Lemon Box Media understand the need of  individuals and hence support all the business and entrepreneurs at large. The Lemon Box media has diverse team, each offering expert knowledge in their field. From strategy planning, budgeting and comprehensive registration support to marketing and branding they bring the most current, innovative and professional market expert.   

The COVID-19 induced pandemic and the lockdown brought attention to Startups & Entrepreneurs more than ever said by Mr. Rupendra Gupta. Also when Mr. Rupendra Gupta ji spoke to Mr. Anmol Deep (Startup Consultant) and gave a lot of important information which is very important and useful for Startups and all budding entrepreneurs to understand. He told that endurance is very important for startup, which is very few people have as well as he also told that we should pay attention to many things if we want to make a successful startup. Kindly watch our Fist Episode of Startup and Startup Eco System. 


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