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“KRITIKA AGARWAL CAN ADD MAGIC TO SOCIETY ONE DAY” Platinum Certificate Holder in Darpan’s National Art Competition

Participant Name: Kritika Agarwal
6 August, 2000
Undergraduate in Bachelor’s in Visual Arts (Third year)
EMAIL: agarwalkritika052@gmail.com

Great things come your way when you step out of your comfort zone.’ A notable narrative from an ambitious Girl from a beautiful city Bareilly , Kritika Agarwal who believes in sticking to his passion and providing the best outcome to society. She has strived hard to overcame each challenge that came her way. Though competiton gave him a hard battle but only for her to win. Quality over quantity has always been her motto!

How did she enter into artistic line?

She started her journey few years back with just little artworks done for her own interest related to few social Subject. It was especially difficult to make those art works. When She Participated in few coemptions like National art competition etc. which were a huge success for her. Then She started exploring painting. It was majorly because She would like to get paint with a brushes along with references.

Her family is originally from Bareilly where She began her journey as a creative mind. The results and appreciation that She got felt like a dream come true! This was a point in her journey where She considered her heart suggestion to follow the passion more seriously.

How have she structured her career?
She always keep in mind related to art and artistic path is that – believe system is everything and when we have strong believe system anything can be possible in this world and planned to create few artworks and start showcasing those art work in few platform and started participating in coemptions. Her latest coemption was Darpan’s National Art Competition which is organised by Unfold Craft Darpan 

What is Her farthest reach in geographical aspects?
Her art works are open to all People. She have had projects that were farther away from her hometown but it all comes down to traveling costs that the she has to bear. Though She do prefer Bareilly above every other place as the opportunities for creativity in her Artworks is increased because of the natural beauty present there.

Which genre of Artwork is closest to her heart?
She happily deals with all categories of matte Painting. The closest to her heart would be all kinds of matte compositions , monuments, landscape and mix compositions. One may even say that she really like portraying love into her work and keep the expectations of her soul unharmed.

What do she think is her USP which separates her from others?

She have always believed in the phrase ‘quality over quantity.’. As far as she have reached along with her skill She have never had a money generating motto. What she is today, is all because of her hard work on her skill and blessings of Bareilly. She have always had an ideology to attract people based on the quality of her Art work. She have always strived to make her Art work as creative and as innovative as it can be.

How much has the lockdown period impacted her art work?
Definitely, it has negatively impacted everyone’s observation. Though during this time too we unable to go outside the home and had to keep observation and research on hold. Even in times like these we are continuously improvising and taking on the weather and location of Bareilly as a challenge and overcoming it. To COVID response, We are taking all the necessary precautions and side by side eagerly waiting for the Bareilly to open up so that we can get back in giving mesmerizing memories to our society.

Five years from now, where do She see herself?

She told that she is excited about the coming years for her career as she look forward to hiring more creativity and skills in her mind, bringing new talent into her brain. She also hope to distribute the creativity what she learn in Bareilly a beautiful locations and expand her geographical area. Surely, She has started small but her passion is enough for taking her to unimaginable heights.


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