Unfold Craft


At Unfold Craft, we have customized pricing according to the services rendered by us. The details are provided to you beforehand according to the effort, efficiency and the output of the service. Typically the range of transactions on our website varies from INR 10 to 1,00,000.


Some of our services can be utilized for fixed durations.

Unfortunately we don’t offer you a refund or exchange as the sales of our Services are linked to a cause. However, we offer repair or replacement incase our services are delivered to you in a defective or damaged state. In order to avail a repair or replacement, please send us an email at contact@unfoldcraft.com along with a pictorial proof of the damaged services within 48 hours of the service delivery .

Our Customer Service Specialists are ready to assist you—simply drop us an email at contact@unfoldcraft.com

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